Discover the COSMOS Visionary Workshop with Swedish Physics Teachers at CERN

Published: 20/06/2012

This visionary workshop was organised in the context of CERN's NationaláTeacher Programme (NTP) for Swedish physics teachers, which took place ináCERN between 17th and 21st of June, 2012.áThe NTPs, which are held in the mother tongue language of the participants from CERN member states, offer participants with rich opportunities to experience through (1) lectures on some aspects of particle physics and related fields (e.g. Cosmology), (2) visits to CERN facilities including the LHC experiments (e.g. ATLAS/CMS control rooms) and (3) hands-on workshops and exercises (e.g. "Build a Cloud Chamber) how science works in the world's largest particle physics laboratory.

This visionary workshop took place towards the end of the NTP for Swedish teachers on the 20th of June in order to allow its 16 participants to reflect best on their experience at CERN. After a brief introduction to the Discover the COSMOS project, participants were encouraged to think on and discuss "what they can bring back to their classroom from CERN and how they can do it best". At the end of the session, participants were invited to complete the Participatory Engagement Activities Questionnaire.


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