Transit of Venus across the Sun

Published: 06/06/2012

On June 6, 2012 the planet Venus passed in front of the solar disk. This phenomenon was partially visible from Greece and the "first contact'' of the edge of Venus with the solar disk was held at 1:09:29 local time, on the morning of June 6, so in Greece, was not visible. Observers from Greece had the opportunity to see and photograph the phenomenon of transition during the sunrise at 6:01, local time. At sunrise Venus had already covered the maximum-transition at 4:29:28 local time and moved to a third contact (-III in the figure). The third transition point happened at 7:31:30 local time, and for 18 minutes Venus had been gradually leaving behind the solar disk.

From a 40 cm telescope at the Gerostathopouleio University Observatory the phenomenon could be observed for the last ~ 15 min (7:35-7:50). However, in the roof of the observatory and the terraces the visitor could use smaller telescopes so as to observe the phenomenon earlier.


From the University Observatory

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