ATLAS Virtual Visit in High schools of Pelopio kai Lala in Greece

Published: 01/06/2012

The juniors and seniors students (16-18 years old) of both schools got together in the school of Lala village at 4th April 2012, listened to lectures about ATLAS, did a mini masterclass with the HYPATIA tool, got a preview of the CERN mini exhibition which was set up to the town of Patras (about 100km) and finally did a virtual visit to ATLAS.

The two villages are about 20 kms apart and belong to the wider area of ancient Olympia.This area, but even a much wider area of the Peloponnese was badly damaged by the fires of August 2007, where 67 people died and enormous parts of land, olive trees, forests, houses etc were burnt. The inhabitants and especially the young people are still trying to recover and any event which connects them to the outside world and makes them forget their problems is vital.


Click here to watch the videos of the students' interviews and the visual visit to ATLAS.


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