Workshop during the Scientific meeting of the SEA

Published: 10/07/2012

The scientific meeting of the SEA (Spanish Astronomical Soc.) takes place once every two years. Conferences and workshops are held for one week on six subjects: Solar Physics, Planetary Sciences, Milky Way, Galaxies and Cosmology, Instrumentation and Computation and Teaching and Outreach. Members of astronomical society are not only researchers but also amateurs and teachers. During the meeting a DIStCOSMOS workshop will take place

will be presented as well as the tools and repositories developed by the consortium to assist teachers in the implementation of IBSE in schools.


Title: Workshop with teachers. What's DISCOSMOS and how to participate?

Place: Fundación Universidad Empresa - ADEIT, Valencia, Spain

Date: July 10th 2012, during the Scientific reunion of the Spanish Astronomy Society (Sociedad Española de Astronomía-SEA)


The main aim of the workshop is to gather the teachers that have participated previously in projects that promote an active use of e-infrastructures to spark interest on sciences (such as Hands On Universe and Galileo Teacher Train Program) and get them to know Discover the COSMOS.The workshop is structured in two parts that will take place during the afternoon. There'll be time to talk about DISCOSMOS' investigation and time to explain the e-tools, e-infrastructures and e-applications available for science classes.At the end of the event there'll be time for the teachers to ask questions and maintain a dialogue with DISCOSMOS' coordinators in Spain.More information available (in Spanish) at



Science secondary school teachers (Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry teachers)


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