"Discover the Cosmos at schools", Portugal, March, April, May, June 2012

Published: 05/03/2012

Interactive sessions with schools students.

The sessions include an overview of modern astronomy with the use of modern tools such as Stellarium, Salsa J and research quality images from Coimbra?s Observatory and Faulkes Telescope Archives.  We promote an interactive discussion introducing them to the scientific method. After the presentation we promote a workshops on the use of digital resources such as: Planetaria Software, Image processing software. The students that participate in the workshop are in charge of sharing the learning experience with other students and promoting further workshops in the school.



Dates and places:



March 05/2012, Colégio Senhora da Boa Nova, Cascais

March 07/2012, Colégio Salesiano de Manique, Cascais

March 14/2012, Escola Rainha D. Leonor, Lisboa

March 21/2012, Escola Secundária Luis de Freitas Branco, Paço d?arcos

March 23/2012, Escola IBN Mucana, Cascais

March 24/2012, Esc. Sec. Sacavém, Lisboa

April 26/2012, Escola Matilde Rosa Araújo, Cascais

April 27/2012, Escola Secundária Matias Aires, Cascais

May 4/2012, Escola Secundária de Benavente, Cascais

June 23/2012, Escola Secundária de Sacavém, Cascais


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