Published: 03/10/2013

Thousands of people visited the "Discover the COSMOS" stand

At the end of September (28th and 29th) CERN organized two full open days (11hour duration each). This was a really big event ( ), attended by 75,000 people! The experiments organized their shows respectively. About 20,000 visitors went underground to see the experiments in the cavern and the tunnel but the vast majority, because of lift limitations, stayed on the surface and visited the various experiments' "tents" and the Globe. ATLAS- which was at a very central position next to the Globe- had a number of tents where visitors went go around, got their picture taken, talked to physicists about the Higgs, bought souvenirs, had a kid's corner with a lego competition etc. "The Discover the COSMOS" and "Go-Lab" projects were present there and had their own corner where 6 large screen PC's and  4 iPad's were set-up and had  some of projects' labs running for demonstration to the public. The labs included the LHC game and CERNl and for smaller kids as well as HYPATIA, MINERVA and "Collisions"  for the ATLAS event display and analysis.

The stand was organized by the ATLAS outreach group which C.Kourkoumelis is co-coordinating and the  IASA team.

A big poster for dissemination purposes was displayed as well.

The poster


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