Particle Physics Teaching Materials Contest (MIT)TEILBAR?!

Published: 24/06/2013

In 2012, there was accomplished a "Discover the Cosmos" Particle Physics Teaching Materials Contest "(MIT)TEILBAR?!" for teaching staff.

For their excellent contribution to the competition were chosen as awardees:

Guenter Bachmann who made a PowerPoint presentation about "Cosmic Radiation" which included numerous videos and additional materials.

Ruediger Weiss for his book "Seeking traces in the Particle-Zoo and at the LHC - Learning Elementary Particle Physics actively".

Toralf Schwab and Otmar Winkler with their "Great CERN-Game of the Particles".

As the award, the physics teachers will participate at the "Discover The Cosmos Summer School in Volos" or at the "CERN high school teacher programme". Moreover, the submitted and reviewed materials of the contestants are regarded as contribution to the qualification programme of the Netzwerk Teilchenwelt.

The created teaching materials are now available online at


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