Robotic telescope teacher training days

Published: 10/05/2013

Thanks to funding from Liverpool John Moores University, and the EU funded Discover the Cosmos and Open Discovery Space projects, the NSO will be holding a series of astronomy-themed teacher training workshops around the UK from April 2013 onwards.

The following workshops are:

25/05/2013 Spaceguard Centre Knighton, Powys 15 teachers

14/06/2013 Royal Astronomical Society, London 25 teachers

The CPD events will focus on how astronomy, and robotic telescopes in particular, can be used to support your teaching in a variety of STEM subjects, and beyond. In order to encourage and support interested UK teachers that would like to attend one of our workshops, we have arranged for the following:

We will aim to hold each of the workshops in interesting locations around the UK;

- locations that have a strong link to astronomy education, such as astronomical observatories, science outreach centres and the offices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

- UK and Irish schools can send up to four teachers, classroom assistants or technicians to each workshop.

- Schools will be able to claim financial support for each employee that attends the workshop, to the tune of £200. This is intended as a contribution towards travel costs and cover.

- The training days will include a number of lectures, demonstrations (mostly hands-on) and discussion sessions, and at some locations, teachers will be offered the chance of a live observing session (weather permitting).

- The workshop will run from 10am till 4pm, although optional activities may be provided after those times.

- Lunch and refreshments will be provided.


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