International Cosmic Day 2013

Published: 20/03/2013


IPPOG, DESY, Fermilab, QuarkNet, and Netzwerk Teilchenwelt are organizing the 2nd International Cosmic Day on September 25, 2013 to bring all the different projects together. We invite school students to join us for experiments in this fascinating field.

Whether in nearby universities or research centers or in the classroom, you get in contact with real science and scientists and ...


- Perform your own cosmic particle experiment.

- Analyze and present your data on a common website.

- Compare your own results with the results of others.

- Work like in an international research collaboration.


Who can participate? Every institution or school which has access to a cosmic ray experiment that is capable to carry out one of the measurements described below can participate!


Download the Agenda

More info, HERE.

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