Discover the COSMOS at the Annual Dutch

Published: 12/12/2012


Since 1966, the Board of the Foundation Working group Didactics of Physics (Dutch: Werkgroep Natuurkunde-Didactiek -> WND) has organized the annual ?Woudschoten' conference Didactics of Physics.

There, every year on the Friday and Saturday one week before the Christmas vacation, 400 to 500 delegates work intensively on their specialty. These delegates are Physics teachers in secondary education, teacher-trainers and trainee teachers, lab assistants, inspectors, researchers in the field of the teaching methodology of Physics, developers of teaching materials and publishers ... In short: people who are fascinated by the development of knowledge and skills among secondary school students of Physics.

A special Discover the COSMOS workshop, "Bringing CERN to the school classroom", will be held on the second day of the conference. This will provide a forum for the Dutch and Belgian participants of CERN's High School Teachers 2012 Programme to present to and discuss with their colleagues their experience during their time at CERN as well as their follow-up initiatives towards bringing particle physics and CERN closer to their students. During the workshop, all participants will also have the opportunity to connect live with the ATLAS experiment at CERN, followed by a mini HYPATIA e-Masterclass with a researcher at the University of Athens.


This year: 14-15 December 2012!


More Info about the event, here.



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