National UK teacher competition

Do you want the chance to win a free place (includes travel, accommodation, meals and course fees) at the Discover the Cosmos summer school in Volos (Greece), together with a science resource pack for your school?

If so, then we would like you to enter two short videos, the first showing us how you have used one of the many resources available through the Discover the Cosmos website successfully in the classroom, and the second demonstrating your own idea for a new learning activity.

This can be a whole class collaboration or undertaken by smaller groups. The video demonstrations can be serious or light-hearted, and may feature any combination of live action, animation, drama, comedy or music. Your aim is to be engaging, informative and inspiring, but you should try to highlight any of the physical principles involved.

The only constraints are that (i) the scientific content of your videos must be accurate, (ii) the videos should be between 3 to 4 minutes long (each), and (iii) the new learning activity video should be created in accordance with the DtC Educational Scenario template and a text version of the activity (i.e. completed template) should accompany the entry.


Deadline: Wednesday 24th April 2013


More info, HERE.


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