HYPATIA e-Masterclass with Polish Students@CERN

Published: 23/11/2012

Geneva, 23 November 2012


The second Discover the COSMOS HYPATIA e-Masterclass with the participation of 43 Polish students from the Mikotaz Kopernik High School in Kalisz and the XIV Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Kazimierza Wielkiego was held on 22 November 2012 in CERN. The students and their teachers, including Malgorzata Maslowska (a participant of the High School Teachers 2012 Programme at CERN), were connected with Prof. Christine Kourkoumelis and George Vasileiadis at the University of Athens and learned hands-on how to analyse real physics events, including Higgs-like ones, from the ATLAS experiment at the LHC using the HYPATIA e-science tool. The e-Masterclass was combined with a live connection to the CERN Hangout "Higgs, the unanswered questions", during which the students had the opportunity to ask CERN physicists questions about the recent discovery of the Higgs boson and its impact on science and society.


Click here to see some photos from the HYPATIA e-Masterclass.

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