HYPATIA e-Masterclass at CERN

Published: 09/11/2012


Geneva, 8 November 2012

The first Discover the COSMOS HYPATIA e-Masterclass with nine senior high school students of the Kandinsky College in Nijmegen (Netherlands) was held at CERN. The students and their teacher, Paul de Haas (a participant of the High School Teachers 2012 Programme at CERN) were connected with Prof. Christine Kourkoumelis and George Vasileiadis at the University of Athens and learned hands-on how to analyse real physics events, including Higgs-like ones, from the ATLAS experiment at the LHC using the HYPATIA Applet.

The HYPATIA e-Masterclass was an integral part of Kandinsky College's five-day trip to CERN, during which the students visited many of CERN's experimental facilities, took part in a Cloud Chamber workshop, attended talks and roundtable discussions of SpacePart12 and worked on the evaluation of the Microcosm exhibition as part of their master research project.


|The HYPATIA e-Masterclass can be watched here LIVE!|


|A video documenting Kandinsky College's five-day trip to CERN can be watched here|:


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