Arsakeio Tositseio High School Visit at CERN

Published: 11/07/2012

On 9 July, 2012, less than a week after the ?discovery' announcement made at CERN, 75 senior students from the Arsakeio Tositseio lyceum of Athens, Greece, visited CERN and had the opportunity to get a first hand experience of the life at the world's largest particle physics laboratory by visiting the ATLAS experiment's Control Room, the SM18 facility and CERN's MicroCosmos exhibition.

This was followed by an hour-long Q&A session with a Greek physicist at the Council Chamber - where the Higgs Boson press conference took place last week - in which students (like journalists) investigated the mysteries of matter, anti-matter and the building blocks of our universe.

(The attached picture is from the Q&A session with Dr. Mike Korantzinos, CERN)

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