The Discover the COSMOS coordination action aims to demonstrate innovative ways to involve teachers and students in eScience through the use of existing e-infrastructures in order to spark young people's interest in science and in following scientific careers. It aims to support policy development by:

a) demonstrating effective community building between researchers, teachers and students and empowering the latter to use, share and exploit the collective power of unique scientific resources (research facilities, scientific instruments, advanced ICT tools, simulation and visualisation applications and scientific databases) in meaningful educational activities, that promote inquiry-based learning and appreciation of how science works

b) demonstrating effective integration of science education with e-infrastructures through a monitored-for-impact use of eScience activities, which will provide feedback for the take-up of such interventions at large scale in Europe and

c) documenting the whole process through the development of a roadmap that will include guidelines for the design and implementation of effective educational and outreach activities that could act as a reference to be adapted for stakeholders in both scientific research outreach and science education policy.